Dr. Bill Edmonds is now assisting the Institute for Successful Longevity in communications and public relations.
Edmonds is an experienced journalist who has handled public affairs for the Board of Regents, the Florida Department of Education and the Board of Governors of the State University System of Florida.
In December 2014, he earned his Ph.D. in history from FSU.
While working with ISL, Edmonds will continue to manage communications for FSU's Learning Systems Institute. You can reach him at and (850) 644-8770.

Ashley Hall is the Administrative Assistant for the Institute for Successful Longevity. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in International Affairs and East Asian Language and Culture from Florida State University in 2015. She has studied Mandarin Chinese for three years, one of which was completed at Tianjin Foreign Studies University in Tianjin, China. There she earned two certificates in Intermediate Mandarin. Ashley can be reached at and (850) 644-8571.


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