ISL Affiliate, Dr. Nagpal, Awarded $100k

Dr. Ravinder Nagpal
January 5, 2024

ISL Faculty Affiliate Dr. Ravi Nagpal has been awarded a $100,000 research grant from the Florida Department of Health through the Ed & Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program for his project titled "Mechanisms of Enteric Infection-mediated Pathobiome in Alzheimer’s Neuropathology."

This research will support and strengthen Ravi’s newly-launched research project ‘REMIND’ (Role of Enteric Microbial Infections in Neurodegenerative Disorders), which aims to investigate the pathological role of specific enteric infections and sepsis elements in the neuropathology of cognitive disorders via the gut-microbiome-brain axis in a preclinical model of infection and Alzheimer’s Disease. This research will not only help elucidate the putative role of hospital-acquired infections and sepsis in Alzheimer’s pathogenesis but will also advance our efforts toward developing novel strategies for better diagnosis and prevention of the disease, ultimately improving the health of hundreds of thousands of affected individuals.

Congratulations once again to Dr. Nagpal!