ISL Faculty Affiliate Angelina Sutin quoted in Time article on how older adults can maintain their cognitive abilities

Angelina Sutin-College of Medicine - Web Feature
June 8, 2021

Professor Angelina Sutin of FSU’s College of Medicine is quoted in a Time article on steps older adults can take to maintain their cognitive abilities. Sutin, a Faculty Affiliate of the Institute for Successful Longevity, tells Time of the dangers of social isolation and how hearing loss, common among older adults, can magnify the problem.

You can read the Time article here:

Dr. Sutin’s work at FSU takes an intergenerational lifespan approach to address how psychological factors contribute to health and well-being.

Her lab currently focuses on the role of personality traits in cognitive aging and risk of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Professor Sutin is one of more than 90 Faculty Affiliates of the Institute for Successful Longevity, which conducts research into how to live longer, stay active and be fully engaged in life. The institute takes a multidisciplinary approach to better explore the complexities of life as an older individual: