Watch Zhe He in our most recent ISL Brown Bag Series Lecture

Zhe He Brown Bag
November 27, 2023

Enjoy this recording of our ISL Brown Bag Lecture, featuring ISL Faculty Affiliate Zhe He. He presented on his research titled "Using Informatics and AI to Support Older Adults’ Comprehension of Lab Test Results" on November 17th 2023.

Dr. He tells us that there is increasing interest in promoting the use of information and communication technology to engage patients in their own healthcare. Patient portals can provide patients with secure access to lab test results, doctors’ notes, and medication lists, as well as facilitate communication with healthcare providers. Viewing laboratory test results is patients’ most frequent activity when accessing patient portals, but lab results can be very confusing for patients. Previous research has explored various ways to present lab results, but few have attempted to provide tailored information support based on individual patient’s medical context.

In this project, Dr. He’s team aims to gain insights into older adults’ challenges in understanding lab test results and act upon them, and design an informatics tool called LabGenie to support older adults’ understanding of lab results and engagement in their own care. To design such a tool, they conducted three studies and he will talk on those findings.